Sten Are Sandbeck works in the juncture between painting, sculpture and installation. His work is often provisionally composed of subordinate and crudely processed material. In an exhibition context, the individual work is put into a spatial composition where interrelationship, course of experience and the bodily presence of the viewer are included as effectual factors. The hybridity and fragility of the objects can be read as an analogy to how our identity is formed by incomplete and complex experiences and how a lifespan is characterized by vulnerable connections and unpredictable processes. We exist, like the works, owing to our lacks.


Sandbeck is educated at the Bergen Academy of the Arts and the State Handcraft and Art Industry School in Oslo. He has exhibited at Trondheim Art Museum, Vigeland Museum, Munch Museum, Akershus Art Center, Vestfossen Art Laboratory, Trafo Kunsthall, Gallery F-15, Oslo Art Association, NoPlace, Cesis Art Festival in Latvia and albb in Saigon. Purchased by Trondheim Art Museum and the University of Bergen.