What is it that flees farther and farther away the more you approach it? The answer is you. There is a huge blind spot in almost all science – that what we observe always presupposes the observer and that we therefore always also see ourselves. We acknowledge the world trough ourselves and never as the world or we “really” are, but displaced as between mirrors. Light presupposes the eye, the characteristics of a material the touching hand, etc. So it may be that this in-between state is what we consider to be reality; not the hand, not the table, but what happens when the hand touches the table. Thus we cannot approach any objective truth other than how the world appears to us. To a fly or any other creature another truth exists, another reality. The nature of and limits to our thoughts are dependent on our experience with matter. Which again shapes how we approach and experience other phenomenon. For practical reasons we divide this continuum into separable entities: Me and the world; how I experience things and how they really are. However “in reality” you cannot separate them. They work together to the extent of being the same thing. Reality is a dream and vice versa. It might have been easier to relate to our ideas of for example personality disorder, education, art and so on if we initially understood that not only “normality”, but also “reality” is a fiction, a dream, just one that is consensus driven. We cannot fully grasp it, for it is ourselves. The art object is not the thing in front of you, but you, and the object of art is a constant transformation engaging in that mystery.