Projects frequently include a number of sculptural objects juxtaposed into larger installations with particular emphasis on course of experience, objects’ mutual relations and the onlookers flow of interpretive connotations and projections. Form, material and volume play equal important roles in direct relation to the space and the onlooker's bodily presence and movement within that space.

Installations function as a kind of stage design assigning the viewer an active role. The temporality and site-specificity of the set emphasize the here and now of the experience. Thematically the installations are concerned with the body as a precondition for all experience. And how our experiencing an outside world is in fact always already shaped by our fantasies as much as vice versa. The work explores this interdependent relationship between fantasy and reality, the mental and the physical. Herein lies an understanding of culture as the medium wherein both our self-understanding and any concept of “reality” evolves.

More than seeking to represent such an idea, the work is an active approach aiming directly into the structures underlying the onlookers experience.

Latest projects explore psychoanalytic theory in particular Anna Freud's theory of psychological defense mechanisms, Melanie Klein's object relations theory and Jaques Lacan's theories of the decentered subject. Exhibitions include Trondheim Kunstmuseum (solo 2012), Vigeland Museet (with Ane Graff and Camilla Løw, 2012), Akershus Kunstsenter (solo 2013) and NoPlace (solo 2014). Recent projects include Norsk Skulpturbiennale (2013), the constitution anniversary exhibition at Eidsvoll Verk (1814 Revisited, 2014) and the International Art Festival in Cesis, Latvia (2015).