Body Paintings, 2011


body painting (big blue) - s

Body Painting (big blue)

oil on canvas, stretcher, wire, mountings

235 x 110 x 105 cm





Body Painting (magenta walking)

oil on canvas, stretcher, wire, mountings

205 x 200 x 75 cm





Body Painting (black on wheels)

oil on canvas, stretcher, wire, mountings, wheels

215 x 150 x 90 cm




body painting (hanging pink) s

Body Painting (hanging pink)

oil on canvas, stretcher, wire, mountings

200 x 80 x 60 cm




The body - as shape, texture and matter - embodies the antithesis of a purely conceptual assessment of the world - and art. Without any conceptual ties, the body does not only become naive, but also vulgar. Paintings conceptual collapse led to the mediumís degeneration into infantility, but also a displacement off the stage, into the obscene.

The fall from concepts is simultaneously a reincarnation as body. Painting has lost its memory, its binding to the surface and the hierarchy of representation, its tie to history other than by virtue of its materiality. It now confronts us as direct and unmediated mass.

Body Paintings is a series of spatial, bulky objects made from painting's traditional components - canvases, stretchers, glue and oil color. Together they form a landscape of interrelated bodies. We enter into a physical theater where the ideological and concrete emptiness of the objects can be filled by our projections. But as reflection works both ways, the objects also stage us.