A boulder may by virtue of its constancy, its concrete heaviness and large volume feel reassuring - as something solid, stable and autonomous. Like with the sea and the stars we may be reminded of eternity and large spaces, slow time and something deep within ourselves. Conversely it may also trigger difficult emotions, as a reminder of our own transience and the sense of meaninglessness that occurs in the big picture.


Boulder is as the title indicates a representation of one large stone as a 1:1 sculptural and pictorial model: One voluminous element, apparently heavy and immovable. But the interpretation of nature by culture is theatrical and expressive and the imitation carries a distinct makeshift character. The timeless perspective of the rock is confronted by the temporality of contemporary art, and vice versa. An evident naturalness is presented in the form of a fraudulent substitute; a superficial construction. However, this is not an idle forgery, for what may look like an externalization of an imaginative concept, simultaneously works as an internalization - the stone becoming a part of us.


The viewer encounters a subjective representation of something natural and unprocessed, quite in keeping with traditional ideas of artistic representation. In this case the expressive gesture paradoxically expresses something mute and dumb. Through a form of expressive implosion the art object itself attempts to evade any purpose or significance and - as a boulder - simply exist.




Boulder, 2013

oil, plastic, tape, glue, polystyrene

approx. 150 x 120 x 240 cm