new paintings, 2011



new paintings (hanging blue)

oil, glue, linen, stretcher, mountings, charcoal

53 x 85 x 202 cm






new paintings (orange cover)

oil, glue, linen, stretcher, staples, mountings

200 x 140 x 105






new paintings (black triangle)

oil, glue, linen, stretcher, staples, wire, mountings

150 x 135 x 200 cm






new paintings (black triangle), detail







new paintings (white canvas)

oil, glue, linen, wire

203 x 155 cm






new paintings (white cross)

oil, glue, linen, stretcher, staples

144 x 15 x 194 cm


In the series new paintings, painting jumps out of its customary limits, so to speak off the wall and into space. From a flat existence banished to representation, it takes a leap into a new dimension to stand up for itself. For if painting was dead, it is here resurrected by virtue of its concrete presence and a redefinition of its material conditions. Painting's physical structure, in terms of stretchers and canvas, now play a constructive and visible role on a par with oil paint. From a strictly structural hierarchy opens a heterarchy, where divisions between technical and aesthetic features are blurred. The breakdown of painting is used to allow new forms to materialize, where the absence of traditional structure releases a new presence.