Oils 1-11, 2010

Oil on canvas

6 á 170 x 120 cm, 5 á 120 x 170 cm









































Painting is painting. Everything else is everything else. These paintings are from a subjective point of view tentatively carried out on the terms of oil colour, with the brush as an extension of the arm and body, onto the canvas. This is the premise: Inertia of tube colour, the smoothness of the linseed oil, together with switching movements of the brush over the prepared and stretched linen canvas, the eye’s registration of colours, sensations of their inter-relationships. The interplay of these conditions will unfold until the screen is covered and the picture is at the height of his potential - and must be stopped before it collapses. The picture is made in one go, before the oil starts to solidify. The composition begins as the colour is deposited directly from the tube to the canvas. Then the brush is dipped alternately in linseed oil, pulling out and mixing the colour, while setting its mark. In practice, the artist's position in front of the easel and canvas might resemble the conductor’s stance in front of his orchestra. The oil being both instruments and musicians, dragged and pushed through a composition in where composing and recording is done simultaneously. Left is the artwork, frozen in time, like a recording that can be played at a glance from the viewer. The eyes listen, time runs again, it sounds.


Photos courtesy GAD/Øystein Thorvaldsen