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«I am your phantasy, and you are mine



The project seeks to ally with the viewer in a joint creative process wherein we may encounter ourselves. Focus is on the association of the beholder with the art object, where the objects’ mutual relations and spatial constellation play as important a role as individual expressions.

The exhibitions title refers to psychoanalyst Melanie Klein's object relations theory. Klein uses the term “phantasy” to indicate subconscious mental processes that arise when we encounter external phenomena. These processes are converted into a set of “internal objects”; entities within ourselves that are shaped by traits we have projected onto them. The internal objects are perceived as intrinsically related and constantly feed back into our experience of the people and world around us.

The pieces in the exhibition serve as both triggers and recipients of mental projections. The art space is left in a crossfire of projections between artist and onlooker, inciting a flow of associations. What we see, think and feel becomes the true object of study. In
this, the provisional expression and the theatrical scenography play a double role: they invite fantasy, but at the same time, break the illusion, and thereby make it possible for the viewer to identify their own role in the piece.


















All photos: Øystein Thorvaldsen