Scarecrow, 2011

oil, canvas, stretcher, mountings, plastic bird, text (indian ink on paper)

250 x 150 x 50 cm, text 59 x 42 cm




a scarecrow stood alone in the middle of a field

a crow came and sat down on its 'arm'

- hi.

- why are you standing here? asked the crow

- you tell me. someone put me out here I guess.

a moment passed. the scarecrow said

- say, perhaps I can ask you something, you being here and all

- fire away, said the crow

- whatís the point of all this, exactly?

- you tell me, said the crow, - isnít it good enough just being here?

- sure, of course, if you put it that way

more time. the crow sat.

- so it doesnít really have to mean anything then?

the scarecrow said eventually

- I reckon not, said the crow

- hmm, said the scarecrow

after a while he said

- it's quite pretty out here, isnít it

- Very much so, said the crow