Taking it Back, 2010

oil on canvas

60 x 50 cm


taking it back


Art is art. Everything else is everything else. But over the years the name of art has been taken over by all sorts of cons like academic humbuggers, pretend sociologists, quasi political activists, let’s-play-anarchists, act-as-if satanists, brain stormers, slackers & practical jokers, documentary freaks, popular-science heads, anti social – anti political – anti institutional and anti everything -criticisers of all kinds, brats, bullies, disc jockeys, punners, party-makers, cooks, gardeners, interior architects, designers, commentators, anti western world - anti human - anti civilisation and anti art self-haters of all kinds, riddle-makers, investigators & detectives, fascists, pathological problematizers, structure analysts, destructivists, subculture thieves, clowns, liars & fools.


I am taking it back.